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Those who need a team of creative carpentry experts to work on their residential or commercial projects should make sure they contact our company right away! We deliver outstanding carpentry solutions at prices that are within the budget of each client! Contact us!

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King Kong Carpentry Inc.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction, an unrivalled attention to detail and a team of skilled and experienced carpentry staff, it is fair to say that King Kong Carpentry Inc. knows a thing or two about delivering high-quality results. We offer a wide range of carpentry services including framing, joinery, finish carpentry and deck construction.

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When it comes to carpentry work, there really is no choice between DIY and professional services. There is a reason carpenters spend upwards of five years learning their trade as trainees and later apprentices before being deemed skilled enough to undertake work on their own.

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Whether you are building your first home from scratch, renovating a commercial unit or simply looking to enhance your homes’ value with a state-of-the-art decking, then we should be the first number you call. When it comes to carpentry excellence, our service will simply not be beat. And while our work may be envied, and even mimicked by some, it is rivalled by hardly any.

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What we Offer ?

King Kong Carpentry Inc. is the perfect choice for a carpentry company that can provide you with the remodeling solutions you are looking for! We proudly serve Manassas, VA, and we can improve the following elements throughout your property:

Custom Carpentry and Woodworking

At King Kong Carpentry Inc. we take what we do very seriously. That is why we work hard every day to ensure that we produce a product and deliver a service that is both durable and esthetically pleasing. By achieving this we feel that we are in a perfect position to create unique, beautiful pieces of furniture and fittings for any sized home or business.

Deck Construction

King Kong Carpentry Inc. is very aware of how important our clients’ customer satisfaction is. That is why we work hard each day to ensure that this aspect of our service is as thorough as the deck construction itself. A soundly-constructed and well-maintained wooden deck can last anywhere from 25-30 years, so that is why it is crucial that you do not cut any corners when choosing a team to construct your decking.

Frame Carpentry

With a wealth of experience and an unmatched eye for detail and precision, the team at King Kong Carpentry Inc. are the number one frame carpentry specialists around. With the skill, experience and knowhow necessary to complete any frame carpentry related task in a quick and efficient manner, the team at King Kong Carpentry Inc. have what it takes to ensure that even the trickiest of framing challenges is met and completed effectively.

Wood Stairs and Railing Installation

If you want the best wood stairs and railing installation for your home or business, then you need to choose the carpentry team you can trust. With years of experience in all parts of this industry, King Kong Carpentry Inc. certainly has what it takes to guarantee you an optimal wood stair and railing installation service that will simply not be beat when it comes to quality or price.

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